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These pages contain up-to-date information for members of Collegium Musicum of London.

Download our 2024 concert and rehearsal timetable (pdf) here.

Concert and rehearsal venues
CML is based at St James Garlickhythe, Garlick Hill, London EC4V 2AF

Tube: Cannon Street, Mansion House.

Rehearsal Details
Weekday rehearsals are nearly always at St James Garlickhythe and are usually on Wednesdays from 19:00 to 21:45. Rehearsals on the day of the concert are normally at the concert venue and take place between 15:00 and 17:00 (there will always be a sufficient break between the rehearsal and the concert). Each rehearsal always begins with a warm-up. Please arrive at the venue in good time to begin the rehearsal.

CML always supplies music for concerts, the cost of which is now factored into subscription rates. However, knowing that some choir members occasionally like to buy their own, details of which editions we will be using for the coming concert can be obtained from the choir librarian, Jane Hills, It is also worth remembering that the choir can often buy music at discount rates, and you should ask about this before buying retail. A list of scores kept by the choir is available as a PDF here.

CML always attempts to use the pronunciation of Latin and other languages appropriate to country and period; we’ll always provide a guide to any non-standard pronunciation for whatever piece(s) CML is doing in its current concert.

All of the choir’s pronunciation guides can be found here.

Concert Dress
The choir dress for concerts is:
Men: black long-sleeved shirt with collar (no T shirts under shirt, no jumpers, cardigans or jackets), black trousers (not jeans), black shoes (not trainers).

Women: black dress or blouse, black skirt or trousers, black shoes (no trainers), black cardigan if required, subtle jewellery if worn (except Christmas ‘bling’ when required).

Some of our concerts are quite expensive to stage, if professional soloists or instrumentalists are engaged. In common with nearly all other choirs, our members pay subscriptions to assist towards expenses.

Subscriptions comprise two elements:

Yearly membership: A membership fee for the calendar year, payable by all singers other than those still completing their two probationary concerts – 60.00 (40.00 concessions).

After a singer has successfully completed their two probationary concerts, the yearly membership will be payable, backdated and proportionate to the first probationary concert they sang with the choir.

Note that membership confers a right to vote at General Meetings, and to stand for election to the Committee. Membership does not guarantee participation in every concert.

Concert participation: All singers, including those on probation, must also pay 50.00 (40.00 concessions) per programme they take part in. A ‘programme’ may either be a single concert or a concert which has two or more performances.

Concessionary rates of 40.00 (yearly membership) and 40.00 (concert fee) are available for full-time students and those who are unemployed. Please note that the concessionary rate is not applicable to pensioners, or those not working because they have retired.

A special rate of 10.00 per concert is available to all those under 25. No yearly subscription, just 10.00 fee per concert.

Singers who are in financial difficulties or who are finding it hard to meet their subscription obligations should contact the choir Treasurer in strictest confidence, when a reduction can often be arranged.

Gift Aiding your subscriptions
The government will add an extra £2.82 to every £10 paid in membership fees, subscriptions and any additional donations if the member pays tax in the UK and signs a simple Gift Aid Tax Declaration, available from the Treasurer (or available as a downloadable pdf by clicking here). The same applies to any outside donors.

For those who pay tax at the higher rate there is a further bonus in the form of a reduction in your own tax bill as well.

Ongoing commitment to pay is not a condition for this, and every member in a position to complete the Gift Aid form should do so.

Any queries about subscriptions should be addressed to CML’s Treasurer, Jeremy Maddison.

Honorary Members
CML pays tribute to former members and collaborators who have made an outstanding contribution to the choir by offering honorary membership – a title which affords certain privileges.

Honorary members as of January 2023:

David Bressloff
Ann Flett
Barry Creasy
Russell DuPlessis
Peter Owens
Katharina Ribbe
Roland Rosner
Benedict Wagner-Rundell
Jennifer Vernor-Miles
Keith Wallace

Download a copy of the choir’s constitution here.

Committee Details
There are currently six members of the CML Committee.

The Musical Director Greg Morris usually takes part in committee discussions.

CML Committee 2023
Chair: Laura Sandford
Secretary: Catrin Griffiths
Treasurer: Jeremy Maddison
Fixer: Sebastian Borger
Librarian: Jane Hills
Online publicity: Kae Ono
Committee member: Sam Herman-Wilson

Print distribution (non-committee): Florence Challands
Press (non-committee): Liz Aram

Committee meetings are held about four times per year and choir members are always invited to submit any business for discussion to the Secretary in advance of each meeting.

Suggestion box

Do you have an idea for a concert, venue or repertoire? Or just want to put forward a view about how CML can be better run? Complete the form below (in strictest confidence) and the committee will consider your suggestions.

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